Thursday, October 30, 2008

What's At The Bottom Of This Cup?

        Welcome readers!  Snackers!  Picky eaters and proud omnivores! True chefs and those who burn toast! I'm so glad you've found your way here to my corner of the web.
        Sit down, get comfy. What can I offer you? I'd love to hand you a plate of molasses cookies, or ladle you soup from the stove.  If for some sort of Wonka-web, I'd reach out and hand you a mug, dropping marshmallows into your thick cocoa.
        So we'll talk food instead.  If I were to brew you coffee, the grounds at the bottom may read that you've found a place where stories of daily life and food fancies mix into sometimes humorous, occasionally helpful, hopefully entertaining tales from my Brooklyn kitchen.  If I steeped you a cup of tea, the leaves at the bottom would spell that you've found a place from which to take recipes that I hope will feed and please you as they do me.  Along the course of my great scone adventure I want your ideas on what makes the ideal breakfast goodie.  I hope that in your search for the perfect sick-day soup recipe I can help you find your happy bowl.
        Curious, hungry, and ready to share stomach-rumbling yarns both long and short, cheers, courage; to cooking and cocoa and all things delicious.

Bottoms up!


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I miss you, Kaitlin, but reading your writing is such fun!